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How to store my handbag?

All kinds of handbags may sag, bend or become damaged when they're not stored correctly. We'd love to give you some tips on how to store the handbag.

Tips for Handbag Storage

1. Put handbag in the storage bag it came with. If it didn't come with a roomy drawstring sack then make one out of cotton or use a pillow case.

2. Find a rack that hooks over the top of the door and has multiple pairs of hooks that extend down toward the floor. Use the hooks to hang handbags by their handles, or put empty bags on the hooks so the opening faces the floor. 

3. Fill handbags loosely with balls of soft tissue paper to help keep the shape and to prevent scratches and damage from the hardware on other bags ; stiff bags don't need this.

4.Out-of-season purses or handbags can be stored under your bed with low-profile drawers to make the most of the space.

5.A small bookshelf that isn't in use can be used to store your handbags. Simply line up the bags on the shelves, resting them on their bases and putting them close together for support.