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Shipping to worldwide every day

Drop Shipping also offers the service that we can send single item ordered by drop-shippers directly to customers in different addresses. We allow drop-ship orders for all registered customers and provide the best prices for you. Drop-shippers can just order online the same way as usual, but add different shipping addresses. do not include our promotional leaflet/brochures and so on when we send drop-ship goods, so it protects your reputation and benefit as a seller. They won't know the source of your goods as well as the price you paid for it. If your customer has some problems about the goods, or wants to return a product, they will have to discuss this with you first because it is you who do business

Please know that it's your responsibility as a drop-shipper to find out information about import taxes and let your customers know. We will do whatever we can to help you minimize the tax burden if you have special packing/declaration instructions.