Wearing wedding ring is a tradition held by many married couples. However, most men and a small group of women don't wear their wedding rings. Married couples should not feel as if they have to wear wedding bands to prove to the world they are married. There are many good reasons not to wear a wedding ring. Find beautiful wedding dresses at UWDress.com. If you are interested in this topic, please read on...

1. Many jobs are too dangerous to perform while wearing jewelry. Mechanics, construction workers, and even military pilots often go without wedding rings because it is possible to lose a digit during the performance of their job if their rings become stuck.

2. Wedding rings increase the odds to get robbed. Let’s face it: rocking some expensive gold on your wrist, on your fingers or in your mouth makes you a perfect target for getting jacked.

3. It's bad for your health. You have some form of strange metal allergy. There’s also a condition called wedding ring rash aka wedding ring dermatitis. It is more common in women but can affect anyone wearing a ring for a prolonged period of time. It’s an allergic reaction that causes a small red patch to occur on the skin under the ring. It is uncomfortable, irritating and itchy which is a great way to describe the entire institution of marriage.

4. Some people are forgetful, constantly losing stuff. If a day doesn’t go by that you don’t lose your car keys, wallet, phone or nitrous tanks, then you shouldn’t add a gold ring to the list of things you could potentially lose.

5. Some people simply dislike having anything on their hands. These individuals may prefer a different token of their commitment, such as pendants or earrings. Wedding tattoos are another popular option.

6. Wearing a ring destroys marriages. Believe it or not, it's like the ring has some magnetic properties that attract only the wrong type of ladies.There have been many studies that have shown that attached men are more likely to be hit on single women. The theory is that they are more confident, committed and have already been pre-screened by a fellow woman. By not wearing your wedding rings, you are actually decreasing the odds of being hit on at the bar.

7. It goes against their beliefs. Wedding rings may be the norm today, but that has not always been the case. Puritan settlers in 17th century America didn't believe in wedding rings, and even today there are religious sects that don't believe in the symbolism of wedding rings.

8. Many famous television, news, and movie personalities choose not to wear wedding rings. Their reasons tend to vary, but for many people, the choice boils down to their fame. Famously, Prince William has eschewed the wedding ring as an accessory, and the trend may be moving stateside for non-royal couples. 

9. Insurance is expensive and feels like a rip-off. Don't laugh, I have a good friend who leaves her ring at home because she doesn't have insurance. Uh, maybe you can just get a hold-me-over ring until you get around to calling Geico (for your moneeeeey).

10. Some people may feel that wedding bands are instruments of control ---- that you “belong” to another person. Others don’t see the need or don’t want their marital status broadcast to the world (possibly because they don’t feel bound to monogamy or societal expectations for marriage).

If you are married, and you don't want to wear your wedding ring? What's your "excuse"?