Out of all the pre-wedding parties, the bridesmaid luncheon is the least widely recognized. It's an old southern tradition, but modern brides brought it back to life. A bridesmaid luncheon is a great way to get together with your bridesmaids socially one last time before you tie the knot. It's also the perfect time to extend your appreciation to your bridesmaids for being a part of your wedding. Meanwhile, it's the only party which could be thrown by the bride-to-be. Here is how. Find more colored bridesmaid dresses at UWDress.com.

1. Set a date in advance. Check to see if you have out-of-town attendants. If the answer is yes, you should ask them to come to your area a few days in advance so that you will have some time left to host the luncheon. Do not schedule the luncheon too close to the actual wedding, though, since the bride should be left to relax during the last few days before the wedding. 

2. Decide on the tone of your luncheon, be it formal or casual, and let that guide your choice of venue. Ensure the venue is close to where most of your bridesmaids are staying. Be aware that a bridesmaid luncheon doesn't actually have to be a lunch. You can have a seated evening meal, a night out at a club, a movie night, a brunch or a day at the spa. Get creative and choose something you and your party will enjoy.

3. Prepare a gift for each bridesmaid. As much as possible, choose gifts that are tailored to each bridesmaid's personality. For example, if one of your bridesmaids loves gardening, you can gift her a set of garden tools. These personally chosen gifts will show exactly how much you care for each bridesmaid. Accessories to be worn at the wedding are a good gift idea as well. Hand them out at the bridesmaids' luncheon.

4. Consider the decoration for the luncheon. Flowers and candles are common decorations but again, your personal preferences should guide your choice. Don't forget the tone of your luncheon when decorating the venue.

5. Prepare for the food. Consider the diet restrictions that your bridesmaids might have. Do not serve anything too fattening especially if the luncheon is close to the wedding, since your maids may have trouble fitting into their dresses. Still, make sure that you serve at least a light three course meal. You can get catering services for the luncheon or you can cook and serve it yourself.

6. Send out invitations. Include all necessary information (date, location, dress code) as well as a cut off date for R.S.V.P. Invite all the bridesmaids as well as future in-laws.

7. Prepare a thank-you speech to give at the luncheon or make sure to thank each guest individually.