A wedding photo album is one of the best items to preserve pictures for generations, and to proudly display your precious memories. If you have no idea about how to create an album for yourself, we'd like to give you some tips and ideas on how to create a beautiful wedding photo album for a lifetime. Find more beautiful bridesmaid dresses at UWDress.com.

1. Take time to browse various finished wedding albums for inspirations. Don't make your wedding photo album an afterthought. A little prep goes a long way toward picture perfection.

2. Collect various sizes of photographs either from your photographer or from among the photographs your friends and family took. Then separate your photos in several parts: getting ready, ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, special moments (cake cutting, speeches, candids, portraits, dancing, and getaway). Just pick 20 to 30 of your favorites. The next step is to weed out the bad pictures (of blinking guests, for example). 

3. Gather mementos from the wedding that you will want to use to decorate the pages of your wedding album. These items could include your invitation(Keep two copies of your wedding invitation. Plan to use one on the cover and the other inside), reception place cards or even the personalized napkins from the cocktail hour. These items will create dimension and add color to the pages of the album for your wedding.

4. Select a few special photos to blow up, and use the proofs in your album.

5. Creating the perfect wedding album, first starts with deciding what design style you love the most. If you appreciate clean lines and black/white backgrounds, then Modern Design might be your style. But, if you prefer colorful backgrounds designed from the finer details of your most beautiful images, then Magazine Design might be your style.

6. Regardless of which design you select, be sure you have all of the unique details that are of most importance to you. Here are a few pictures that you will definitely include in your album: bride and bridesmaids getting ready, groom and groomsmen getting ready. Unique detail shots: bouquet, wedding rings, shoes, wedding gown, wedding cake, champagne glasses, cake cutters and cake topper. These are just to name a few. You'll also want to include funny or sentimental moments, and all the traditional ones. One important note: remember factoring pictures with older guests and grandparents in your photo album, because that opportunity may not present itself again. For a personal touch, add the words from your wedding vows or wedding song to the background of a layout.

7. Lastly, remember that you are telling the story of the entire wedding day in just a few pages. Choose images that best depict the action and emotion of each part of the wedding day, and arrange pictures chronologically.

Kindly reminder:
1. Keep in mind that eventually you'll put only 50 to 100 photos in your finished album.

2. Choosing photos for a wedding album takes six hours on average, so don't expect it to be a quick task. 

3. Modern couples tend to favor a photojournalistic style, emphasizing lots of candid shots, but make sure you have some formal posed shots too. Mixing black-and-white or sepia with color shots will also give your album a dynamic edge. Many photographers suggest a 1:3 black-and-white to color ratio, but anything goes.

4. Make sure that all of the important characters are represented.

5. Don’t try to load up each page with a ton of photos, or all the images will be clamoring for attention and the page can look cluttered and disorganized. Instead, choose two or three images for each page so that the viewer’s eye can fully take in each image.

6. Though you generally want to have just a few photos on each page, certain parts of a wedding, like reception details or wedding party photos, do lend themselves well to more images on a page because these types of photos have a lot of similarities to one another and look great grouped together.

7. Don't feel the need to fill up all the empty space. Sometimes leaving an empty space on the page can give a very calming effect. Play around with how large or small you want each image on the album pages and don’t be afraid to leave some empty space.