Today there are no rules or formal etiquette requirement to wear gloves for your wedding day. It is simply a bride's personal preference whether she chooses to wear them or not. It certainly adds a classic elegance and an air of grace to your wedding look. Find your dream wedding dresses at

Historically the etiquette for weddings required for everyone to wear gloves from bride to wedding guest. The Victorians were the ones who were setting the trend for glove fashion. In the past brides wore wedding gloves to symbolize their social status, which basically meant she was not subject of hard and physical labor. The glove fashion had a comeback in the 1930s and 1940s to wear gloves for formal parties and wedding. While for the today's bride, it's a fashion statement and about creating an image to be a princess for the day ---- simply reflecting her special day in her life. There are several things you should consider before slipping on a pair of gloves on your wedding day.

In deciding to wear gloves with your wedding dress, it is of the utmost importance that you consider the fit and thickness of the glove. If you wear a glove that does not fit you properly or is too thick, you will encounter problems during your wedding ceremony. You may fumble when trying to put a wedding band on your loved one's finger or the wedding band your loved one picked for you may not slide on over your gloves. Gloves that are the size "stretch to fit" are often sized in small/medium/large. However, whatever the sizing, select a pair that fits snugly at the wrist.

Bridal gloves are made in different fabrics: satin, silk, lace, knits, leather and so on. Choices include opaque fabrics or sheer ones. They also come in different styles. Some styles have gathering, cut-outs or bows, while other intricate gloves are embellished with Swarovski crystals, beads and/or pearls to match your wedding gown and bridal accessories. There really is such a large variety to choose from.

So how do you know which style to choose? Your wedding gloves should complement your dress. Choose simple gloves to wear with an ornate gown. Conversely, a simple gown allows for fancier gloves. Remember the goal is to enhance not to overwhelm. While the traditional color for gloves is white, your wedding gloves should match your dress in both color and texture ---- white with white, ivory with ivory. The texture of your gloves should be similar to that of your dress. Silk gloves go perfectly with a silk gown. Other materials such as kidskin, satin, or lace are also appropriate, depending on the style of the dress.

Glove lengths range from 1-button, ending at the wrist, to 20-button, ending at the shoulder. The length you choose should complement your sleeve length. Generally, the shorter the sleeve, the longer the glove-a sleeveless or strapless gown would dictate a glove that comes to the upper arm. Elbow length gloves (12-button) should be chosen for dresses with either cap sleeves or elbow length sleeves. Shorter gloves (6-button and shorter) are reserved for dresses with longer, more fitted sleeves. It is important to remember that while the sleeve of the gown and the glove may meet, it is never proper for a glove to cover the sleeve of a dress.

The tradition of when to wear your gloves is not set in stone, but etiquette guidelines recommends that your gloves should be worn while on the way to the church and all through the ceremony.  When it comes to the time of having the ring placed on your finger, many wedding gloves are now made with a tiny slit where you can slip out your finger if your gloves do not come with an opening, you can always make one yourself and have it sewn back after your wedding. 

Fingerless gloves are also available and this style of glove begins just above the elbow and goes down over of the back of the hand. A loop is used at a point of fabric to secure the glove to the middle finger.  If you do decide that you want to remove your gloves during the wedding service, hand them to your Maid of Honour/Chief Bridesmaid at the same time as giving her your bouquet.

Your gloves should be worn at your receiving line when you greet your guests and through your reception although this is personal preference and whatever makes you feel more comfortable. To prevent your gloves from staining and to make it a more relaxed meal for yourself, gloves should of course be removed while eating.