Once you have chosen your ideal wedding dress, how to guarantee you are walking down the aisle in it of your dreams? You need to have it fitted, re-fitted and fitted again. If you have no clue where to begin, here are some wedding dress fitting tips for you! More wedding dresses in 100 colors at UWDress.com.

Bear in mind that you should have a minimum of three fittings. Certainly no less, but don't be afraid to go for more ---- it’s for you’re big day and it should fit you perfectly.

This initial fitting runs an hour. Bring along the shoes you'll wear day-of so the tailor can accurately adjust the hemline. Your first fitting is to isolate any issues that need correcting and smooth out any imperfections, or that the seamstress thinks might need adjusting, to fit you that little bit better.You should take this opportunity to move about in the dress, to determine if it fits well and has no obvious issues that need correcting. Deep breaths should be taken to see if it becomes tight anywhere and one should look for areas that seem too loose or large. These need to be taken in. A good fitter should be able to suggest and explain ways to change anything you ask for if not, up and leave and find another fitter, because this one can't do the things you need.

This should be about a month before the wedding. Bring all your bridal paraphernalia: shoes, tiara, jewellery and digital camera to take some pickies if you are confused as to what jewellery might suit you best. Make sure all your previous alterations have been fixed and that nothing new has arrived. If it has, document it and have it changed. Don't be afraid to speak up and say what's on your mind, it's your wedding dress, your day and fitting should be repeated until your dress is perfect.

This session is exclusively for final tweaks and therefore should happen as close to the wedding as possible. Bring your bridesmaids, mum and others who are likely to be helping you look fab on the morning of the big day. As well as checking that it fits beautifully and looks great, your dressmaker/seamstress will need to instruct these vital parties as to how the dress should look and move. Will it need bustling? Does it have tricky straps or buttons? And also find out how to get last minute wrinkles out of the fabric, what to clean it with in case of emergencies and is it better to steam or iron it.

You are all done and by now you should (and most definitely will) look fabulous. Book a date before the wedding to pick up your new gown and try it on one last time to check for anything minor that needs attention. Then you are off to the altar and future wedding bliss!